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François Rabelais,

Le Tiers Livre (1552)

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Le Tiers Livre de Pantagruel in its second and final version of 1552 (the first date of 1546, equally published on the BVH website) turns toward the question of marriage for Panurge, who does not want to find himself cuckhold, and toward the reward promised to him while continuing the tale of Pantagruel after the victory over the Dipsodes.

In order to know his uncertain future, Panurge questions his friend, the fates, soothsayers, scholars and a mute, all of whose responses are enigmatic and of little encouragement. He even consults the fool, Triboulet. At the conclusion of the comedic dialogues, Triboulet offers him the bottle of wine he has just emptied and seems to suggest that he go get the Word from the Divine Bottle in the imaginary land of Lanternois. This will become the quest of the following novel, Le Quart Livre, the last one completed by Rabelais.

The text is displayed in traditional spelling. However, it is processed with digital tools that permit selecting characters' names and places, visualising them and obtaining descriptive files. A version in modern spelling is currently in preparation.

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